Mini Caramel Apples

Perfect Little Fall Treat!

Mini caramel apples are the most delicious and impossibly easy to make bite-size desserts, like cake pops – they’re adorable! Absolutely perfect for a fall and/or apple-themed wedding!

The Mini Caramel Apples Recipe Ingredients are super easy. All you need is apples, a package of Kraft caramels, some cake pop sticks and a melon baller.

With the melon baller just scoop out ball sections of the apple.

This was about 4 large apples scooped. Use a hard, crisp apple when making these.

Placed them on a cookie sheet with wax paper and stick cake pop/sucker sticks in them.

Melt the caramel. Followed the directions on the package of Kraft caramels.

Dip them in the caramel and place it back on the greased sheet of wax paper.

Tips for getting the caramel to stick: 

  • Let the caramel cool before you dip the apples. It has to thicken a little and not be so hot.
  • Apples should be room temperature.
  • If there is still skin on the apple, make sure the waxy skin is gone. OR boil the apples whole for about 30 seconds to get the wax off, then scoop them out.
  • Also, don’t store them in the fridge, they tend to “sweat” and the caramel can come off.

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By Tiffany

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