Make the Perfect Meathead for Your Halloween Wedding Extravaganza

This meathead centerpiece is a classic way to creep out your guests, they’ll talk about your big day for years! This gory platter is the perfect touch for your Halloween Wedding!

Prosciutto Meat Head and Cheese Platter.

The concept is simple – drape thinly sliced, cured meat over a skull. But in case you are wondering how we made ours, here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1. Adhere a washed, plastic human skull to a serving platter using hot glue or nails. You can find plastic skulls in any large department store.

Step 2. Drill small holes into the center of the eye sockets sized to accept toothpicks. Alternatively, you could hot glue toothpick pieces to the eye sockets.

Step 3. Make the eyes using cocktail onions with embedded olives for the pupils. Attach to the toothpicks in the eye sockets. Pimento stuffed olives or those nuclear-colored maraschino cherries would work too.

Step 4. Drape skull with meat. Thinly sliced prosciutto works well. Something more red in color like hot capicola or chorizo would be cool. Make sure it’s sliced thin. Fat helps the meat stick to the skull.

Step 5. Add cheese, crackers, olives, or whatever you normally add to a meat and cheese platter.

Step 6. Enjoy your deliciously spooky meathead platter!

Note: If you do not want to use a plastic skull and want to make it all edible, carving a melon into a skull would be perfect before draping it.

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Source: Gourmet Underground Detroit.

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