Brains In A Jar Halloween Wedding Favor

Spooky Halloween treats always make fun party food and gifts! We hope to creep you out in a fun way by these Brains in a Jar Cake. Enjoy!

It’s Halloween Wedding Season, so…  Surprise! We made you Brains in a Jar Cake!!  These are perfect Halloween Wedding favors for your guests to take home!

These fun cupcakes can be put together ahead of time, and would be great for a Halloween Wedding party dessert table or wedding take home gift.

You will need:

  • Small mason jars.
  • Seedless Raspberry Jam.
  • Pink cake.
  • Frosting (color of your choice for the brains).
  • Piping bag fitted with a #5 round tip.

Once your cake is cooled, cut a circle of cake the size of your jar.

Spoon some raspberry jam over the cake, covering the surface and making sure it reaches the edges of the jar.

Put some frosting in your piping bag.  Hold the bag at a 90 degree angle and squiggle the frosting along the edges of the jar.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just squeeze and make a zig zag motion along the inside of the glass.

It should look like this. With a smaller glass or cutter, cut a piece of cake small enough to rest in the center of the “brain frosting”.  Place the piece of cake in the middle.

That way you don’t go hurting your hand trying to pipe frosting all in the center. Holding the piping bag at a 90 degree angle again, loosely squeeze frosting all over the top of the cake. Just let it squiggle all over.

If it looks like a gross brain in a jar, you’re doing it right.

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Source: Living Locurto
By Amy Locurto

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