What are the imprint colors available for your glassware?

Any design applied to our glassware is available in 45 imprint colors. 13 basic colors and 32 premium colors. An imprint fee will be added to your final total.

Basic Colors – $45
White, Black, Rose Pink, Red, Burnt Orange, Yellow, Green Apple, Kelly Green, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Metallic Gold & Metallic Silver

Premium Colors – $65
Blush, Magenta, Pink Spice, Grapefruit, Bloodshed, Cayenne, Pumpkin, Orange, Mango, Ivory, Citrus, Sunshine, Wheat, Sage, Army, Olive, Mint, Sea Salt, Grass, Tiffany, Aqua, Ocean Blue, Lapiz Blue, Navy Blue, Orchid, Lilac, Purple, Plum, Cappuccino, Latte, Lite Gray & Gunmetal.

Color Chart Below

Shot Glasses Color Chart

We can also do some custom colors. While many colors can be mixed from our stock colors to create custom shades, we do not offer PMS/Pantone color matching at this time. We’ll make every attempt to produce a color for you that is consistent throughout the production run but we do not guarantee exact PMS colors. For color matching, we can only guarantee colors within four shades. For custom ink colors, please contact us. For custom colors, the imprint fee charge is also $65 (Premium Colors).

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