What are the Artwork Requiments?

For best results, all submitted images should be as big as possible. We use a hi-resolution print system that requires all images to be very large since the final result will be a great looking product with a crisp print. How big is big enough? The design, logo, illustration or image should be at least ¾ the size of your computer screen when viewed at its actual size (assuming you have a fairly normal size screen, not a huge flat screen). Or if you know pixels: it should be at least 2400X800 @ 300 dpi. This is how we guarantee that your opener or business card will have the finest print quality available anywhere! Avoid using small images, such as thumbnails from a website. Please note that if you only have a small image available of your design, we might be able to re-create this for you, this could be free of charge or a small fee might be applied depending on complexity of your design. If you upload images cannot be used, we will be obligated to contact you by email to discuss redesigning your image and your order might be slightly delayed, or possibly cancelled if we are unable to reach you. So keep an eye opened for any emails within1-2 business days after your purchase/inquiry.

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