So what is a re-order setup fee?

If you’ve already purchased custom products and decide that you want to order more of the exact same product, this is when a reorder setup fee is needed.

Luckily, the majority of our warehouses keep artwork on file for 1 to 2 years after they print a product. So if you order a hundred shot glasses with a white imprint and upon receiving them, your head count has increased, you can order a hundred more without paying a setup fee.

An extra bonus is that you can even change the color of the item or the color of the ink and still not have to pay another setup fee. So instead of the red pens with the white imprint, you can mix it up and try the white version of that pen with a red imprint. As long as the item and the artwork doesn’t change, you won’t have to pay for a reorder setup fee.

Please note: If you change your artwork in any way, there will be a new setup charge. For example, if you change the font in your design, you’ll have to pay a new setup fee.

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