If I order multiple items, does the setup fee cover all of them?

It does not. Every single different item that you order has a unique setup fee.

To start, each item has a unique imprint area.

Think of it like a rubber stamp placing your design. Once you carve out the rubber stamp, you cannot change its size.

All of our products are made in many, many different warehouses. So even if you have two items with the same imprint method and area, you’ll still have to pay separate charges because they are being made and shipped from different places.

The only time you won’t have to pay a different setup fee is if you get the exact same item but in a different product color. For example, if in one order you purchase 150 beverage insulators in red, and also 150 of the same style insulators in blue, you’ll only have one setup fee. (Though please note that if you change the ink color, that would incur a separate setup fee.)

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