Can I upload images, pictures, logos, photos or illustrations that I found on the Internet and include them in the design of my product?

Only with proper permission. If you are the designer or artist and/or the person with legal rights to the image, logo, photo or illustration, then you have the right to use the image as you please. If you are not one of the people just mentioned, then you should have the image owner’s permission in writing to protect yourself from any damages resulting from a legal licensing dispute. You can view our official policies on our Terms and Conditions page. By submitting, saving and placing an order with That Wedding Shop, you are acknowledging that you have the right or proper legal permission to use any and all uploaded files, and you accept all liability for the use of any materials you upload. That Wedding Shop or its affiliates’ liability shall not under any circumstance exceed the purchase price of the products sold. We reserve the right to request verification of reproduction permission from any client, and may cancel any order for a full refund of the purchase price if a client cannot verify his/her right to use the materials in question. Please be advised that licensing inquiries will prolong the time needed to process your design, and will delay production and shipment of your order. We will not knowingly print any protected material.

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