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Winter Wedding Favors That Will Melt Your Heart

25 Winter Wedding Favors That Will Melt Your Heart

Getting married during the cold-weather months? 25 seasonally-appropriate winter wedding favors we guarantee your guests won’t leave behind!

1. Hot chocolate is always a must-have treat for a cold day.

2. You can even add a little extra “warmth” to it.

Hot Chocolate Baileys Mason Jar Winter Wedding Favors

Hot Chocolate with Baileys in a Mason Jar Wedding Favor – By “Heartfelt And Unique” on Etsy. $7.54

3. Keep your guests warm through your wedding outdoors festivities.

Blankets Winter Wedding Favors

Blankets Winter Wedding Favors Idea

4. Socks are also a great way to keep your guests comfortable.

Socks Winter Wedding Favors

Socks Winter Wedding Favors Idea

5. Specially your groom.

Cold Feet Socks Winter Wedding Favors

In Case You Get Cold Feet Socks for Your Groom – By “Groom Socks” on Etsy. $29.99+

6. Gloves.

Winter Gloves Wedding Favor Fall Wedding Idea

Winter Gloves Wedding Favor Fall Wedding Idea

7. Can’t ever go wrong with lip balm on a cold day.

Lip Balm Winter Wedding Favors

Customized Lip Balm Wedding Favors – By “Mountainess” on Etsy

8. These beautiful personalized winter wedding glassware favors are the perfect keepsake to give your guests.

Winter Wedding Shot Glasses Mason Jars Designs

Personalized Winter Wedding Favors Glassware – By “That Wedding Shop“.

9. And these can koozies to match.

Winter Wedding Koozies Designs

Custom Can Koozies Winter Wedding Favors – By “That Wedding Shop” on Etsy.

10. When in doubt… S’mores!

Smores Winter Wedding Favors

Smores Kit – Cold Weather Wedding Favors – By “The Favor Box” on Etsy. $36 for 24 kits.

11. Perfect for the coffee loving couple! Surprise your guests with printed cardboard coffee sleeves at your hot chocolate or coffee and tea bar!

Custom Tea and Coffee Sleeves Winter Wedding Favors

Custom Hot Beverage Sleeves Winter Wedding Favors – By “Four Things Paper” on Etsy.

12. These pinecone firestarters are the perfect gifts from a camping loving couple.

Pinecone Firestarters Winter Wedding Favors

Pinecone Firestarters Winter Wedding Favors – By “Moss Between My Toes” on Etsy. $3.92

13. Or for the wine lovers, this is just perfect!

Wine Stopper Winter Wedding Favors

Personalized Snowflake Wine Stopper Wedding Favors – By “Event City Design” on Etsy.

14. Your bridesmaids will remember your special day forever with these adorable snowflake necklace keepsake.

Bridesmaids Snowflake Necklace Winter Wedding Keepsake

Bridesmaids Gift Frozen Theme Snowflake Necklace Winter Wedding Keepsake – By “Favor Wrap” on Etsy. $11 for set of 5.

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep with these genius Do Not Disturb door hangers.

16. These creative Save The Date Tile Magnets to remind your guests of your big day!

17. These adorable Snow Flake Mini Soaps winter wedding favors.

18. And these Snow Flake Chocolate Cookies!!!

19. Spread the love with Snow Flake Plantable Seeds Confetti.

20. You can never really have enough snow flakes! Keep your guests warm with these charming candles.

21. Snowflake Thank You tags.

22. Keep warm with lots of kisses!

23. Glittery Snow Ball Cake Pops!

24. And these lovely little snowflake gift boxes add a special touch to any favor.

25. And you can have any of these beautiful favors under this charming “Please Take One” winter wedding sign, ready to be printed at home.


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