Black Caramel Apples for your perfectly spooky Halloween Wedding

Black Caramel Apples for your perfectly spooky Halloween Wedding!

Black Caramel Apples for your perfectly spooky Halloween Wedding!

Spooky homemade black caramel apples, a fun treat perfect for a Halloween wedding! Making them is equally fun. Candy apples are always popular this time of year- but this twist on them is so appropriate for a HalloWedding! You must try these black beauties.

Enjoy these spooky little treats in only 40 minutes. I’m completely obsessed! So without further ado, let’s get this spooktacular party started!

Black Caramel Apples Halloween Wedding Party Idea

Difficulties: Medium.     Prep Time: 15 min.     Total Time: 40 min.   

Is it possible that there is an apple even Snow White’s stepmother wouldn’t touch? There is with these Black-as-Night Caramel Apples!


  • Caramel apples.
  • Decorative lollipop sticks.
  • Black sanding sugar.
  • Black jimmies.
  • Black plastic spiders (for decoration).
  • Black ribbon (for decoration).
  • Glue dots.


  1. Make caramel apples following the directions in the link above.
  2. Fill a bowl with the jimmies and sugar.
  3. Once the apples have set but are still tacky, roll apples in the jimmies and sugar to coat completely.
  4. Adhere a spider or ribbon to straw with a glue dot.

Make them creepy, make them funny, make them classy… just be sure you make them memorable! It doesn’t get much better than that! Enjoy this black beauty delight!

by: Chef Louise Mellor

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